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Eliminate techno-confusion:  Scan your PC for a custom list of compatible upgrades!
Get a customized analysis of your computer with our free and exclusive PowerLeap Upgrade Configurator.  This amazing hardware scan safely takes a look "under the hood" of your system and detects what kind of processor, memory, VGA card, and storage you have now, and explains in plain language your choices of compatible upgrades. To start your hardware scan, click on the Upgrade Configurator icon above or anywhere it appears on this website! 
Replacement Parts for Your PowerLeap CPU Upgrade!

Need a new cooling fan, cable, or heatsink for your PowerLeap upgrade?  We offer certified original equipment replacement parts all PowerLeap upgrades.  After all, we developed our products to extend the useful life of PCs, so why not extend the useful life of our CPU upgrades as well? 

Featured Product:  Replacement power cable for PL-iP3/T.
Only:  $3.00

Processor Upgrades - add more CPU power to your PC!
Intel 2.8 GHz / 400 MHz FSB Pentium 4 Processor...

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